Clan Ross Association of New Zealand

Clan Ross Association of NZ

Spem Successus Alit – Success Nourishes Hope

Clan Ross History

While there may have been previous attempts to start a Clan Ross Association within New Zealand, it wasn’t until 1990 the idea and vision started to evolve.

Donald Ross at the time was living in Tauranga and while visiting family and friends in Scotland he became aware of the strong cultural links and bonds between the people of Scotland and the lives and aspirations of the Scottish settlers who came to New Zealand.

On returning to New Zealand Donald Ross was honoured by the Chief of Clan Ross, David Ross of Ross, by being appointed as the New Zealand Commissioner of Clan Ross.

Clan Ross Association of New Zealand Inaugural General Meeting took place on 25th May 1991, held in Tauranga, which was attended by thirty-eight people.

True to the Clan Ross motto, “Spem Successus Alit” – “Success Nourishes Hope” the concept and principle started to become realised, as people throughout New Zealand registered their interest and support for the formation of a New Zealand Association. This was also reinforced by the support from many other Clan Associations of New Zealand.

Following the Inaugural General Meeting, a General Meeting of Clan Ross Association of New Zealand was held in Tauranga on the 18 August 1991 from which a Constitution was shaped and forwarded to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies for legal approval. On the 13 September 1991, Clan Ross Association of New Zealand was registered as an Incorporated Society.

The birth of the Clan Ross Association of New Zealand Incorporated was completed at the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Pukekohe, 16 May 1992. The Election of Officers and Clan Council Members were formally elected with a good cross-section of people from all over New Zealand being represented.

Clan Ross Association of New Zealand, Inc. Officers and Councillors elected at this Annual General Meeting were:

  • President: Donald Ross of Tauranga;
  • Vice President: Allan Ross of Paerata;
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Paul Anderson of Tauranga;
  • Clan Council: Roslyn Hamblyn of Rotorua; Doug Fake of Paraparaumu; Keith Ross of Manukau; Jennifer Mahoney of Hamilton; Ewen Ross of Auckland.

Since the beginning in 1990 the Clan Ross Association of New Zealand Inc, have continued to hold an Annual Clan Ross Gathering throughout the country every year, also Clan members participate in things Scottish at various local area events.

The kinship, genealogy, traditions, newsletters, all forms of music, dance, literature, scholarship, education, wee dram, fun, friendships, and all things and stuff Scottish has proved to be a strong spirit that has carried the Clan Ross Association of New Zealand for the last 31 years and may it continue for coming generations.


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